Broadway's Rick Lyon joined the cast of Avenue Q for a three-day puppetry workshop intensive! Rick created the original broadway puppets and was the original Nicky/Trekkie Monster in Avenue Q! Rick gave a wonderful community lecture, spent countless hours with the Avenue Q cast, and left them with the best practices to master their puppetry technique. 

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Rick's expertise and anecdotes on puppetry allowed the cast to play, and illuminated some of the areas where work still needs to be done. DID YOU KNOW: the theme for "What Do You Do With a B.A. in English" is the melody of "Rainbow Connection" INVERTED! Sing them both in your head. Do it.

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Rick spent much of his adult life working with Jim Henson on Sesame Street and other Henson Company projects. Catch him as Big Bird in a number of the opening Sesame Street credits and as the facial puppeteer on TMNT 2 (the movie). A Rochester native, he credits much of his success to his arts upbringing here in Rochester and mentioned how lucky residents are to live in such a culturally vibrant city.

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We are thrilled to be using the Broadway puppets in our production of Avenue Q! Tickets are $39.50 and the show runs May 11-27. Tickets: