Nazareth College & Blackfriars Theatre's Season Campaign Design Project consists of a 3-week project as part of the Graphic Design 2 class in the Visual Communication Design BFA program. Led by Sherri Baker Hamilton, Program Director and Assistant Professor in Visual Communication Design, the students choose 2-3 titles from Blackfriars’ upcoming season and develop poster designs for each title. The goal is for the artist to create logo designs that are unique to each title, telling the story of each show, but that can also exist as a unified visual campaign. Out of the final designs, Blackfriars chooses one artist to be their Season Designer and one artist to be their Special Events Designer to help brand the new season with original artwork.

Students are given a real-world experience, as part of their class, to engage with a real client (Blackfriars Theatre) in order to deliver the appropriate marketing materials. The students engage in 3 professional touch-points with Blackfriars Theatre: 1. an opening presentation, where the client pitches the project to the student designers and presents their requirements, followed by a Q&A; 2. a midpoint presentation, where the student designers individually share their work-in-progress with the client and receive feedback on their designs; and 3. a final presentation and feedback session, where the student designers present each of their designs, including justifications and specific choices of their artwork, to the client (Blackfriars Theatre) and receive feedback on the success of their work.